Bob Mergner

Bob Mergner has been writing software, primarily for the HealthCare industry, for over 30 years. He has worked on a variety of Pharmacy, Lab, HIS/ADT, Scheduling, Billing and Revenue Cycle Management systems in both the private sector and for the Department of Defense.

Bob has written dozens of interfaces and interface engines for real time and batch processing of HL7, X12 and many other EDI formats using vb.net, c# and Mirth, and is highly proficient in Mirth channels and Mirth Administration.

Bob has written software in Turbo Pascal, MUMPS, MAGIC, VB6, VB.net, c#.net, javascript, typescript, jQuery, AngularJs and a number of scripting and shell languages. His specialty for the past 20+ years has been Microsoft technology. Some of his work has included Winforms, Webforms, Windows Services, WCF Services, MEF and MVC. He's worked on operating systems from DOS 2.0 to Windows 10, as well as OSX, Linux, VAX-Unix and VAX-VMS. He enjoys learning new technology and producing rapid proof of concept frameworks to gain approval of new products.